American Music Awards Run Through: DVR Style

One Direction claims the AMA for Artist of the Year

One Direction claims the AMA for Artist of the Year

Taylor Swift continues to prove she can’t sing live, but nice try. Love the song and the sets were cool, but you try way too hard, Tay. Eyeroll.

I love “Boom Clap,” but Charlie XCX is doing her best Gwen Stefani impression.

Magic! looks as bored by their song as I am when I hear it.

Do 5 Seconds of Summer get street cred since they play their own instruments? It was like a new generation Green Day doing Rock of Ages.

Sam Smith sang well, but why does he dress like a preacher man?

Iggy Azalea needs to enunciate when rapping live, but it was at least a performance I’d expect from the AMAs with the dancers.

Lorde killed it. I love that song and that whole performance was so intense, scary but effective in its minimalism.

Ariana Grande needs to stop running her words together. She has a beautiful voice but the lyrics are a globby mess. She looked flawless though.

Seeing Frankie Grande root for his sis was cute.

Pitbull did a better job performing than he did hosting.

Selena Gomez was so good she made Taylor Swift weep. Maybe Tay was thinking, “Oh! That’s how you sing live with actual emotion.”

Can we all agree that One Direction sounds great live, and that Liam has grown into such a handsome man with puppy dog eyes?

Christina Milian, you are not Rihanna, but nice try there with Lil Wayne.

Nicki Minaj, thank you for not performing “Anaconda” and locking that song down.

Why does Iggy get hate, while Fergie flies under the hate-dar? They do the same thing. Either way, I like it, but I hate that chorus.

I think Mary J Blige sang a negro spiritual.

“Bang Bang” was fun.

JLo lit that ass on fire.

Credits roll.

-Chris Upshaw, guest blogger

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