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Kevin Galbraith as Swamp Walker

The Walking Dead director Greg Nicotero says there are two kinds of kids in this world. Those who sing into a hairbrush in front of the mirror, and those who practice their zombie walk.

Kevin Galbraith was born to play undead.

After answering just one tiny ad seeking extras for the Emmy-nominated series, Kevin was hired for multiple zombie roles throughout three seasons. The most memorable was Swamp Walker, the flesh-eater that offed Dale.

“By no means did I ever expect to be doing anything more than contributing to the horde,” Kevin says. “I was already thrilled to have been picked for scenes involving 50 extras. Every call back after that blew my mind.”

Kevin Galbraith, in the flesh

For fans of the genre looking to tread like the dead, here is a tip from a pro.

“Find and utilize a different center of gravity than in your hips, such as your solar plexus or upper chest,” Kevin says. “The rest of the movements will translate very well without much thought or effort.”

Kevin put together a playlist that might help you get into a zombie state of mind.


444 – Autechre

“I listened to their album Incunabula over and over again on the endlessly long, rural commutes to and from Senoia, Georgia where The Walking Dead is filmed. As it turned out, the video for ‘444’ is footage of driving on endless stretches of road.”


Four Ton Mantis – Amon Tobin

“Incredibly textured, heavy and dark electronic music. As the track progresses, it becomes more and more percussively relentless and chaotic before resolving in the last several seconds with some melodic yet jazzy strumming and piano flourishes. It’s a perfect metaphor for a bloody, violent 12 hour film shoot with the last few harmonious seconds representing the hot towel you get to put on your face at the end of the day, and the knowing that sleep will come soon. I should note here that when pulling up the videos for ‘Four Ton Mantis’ just now, the first one that caught my attention was 4:44 long. Any numerologist zombie fans care to comment?”



“Anything by Goblin. These spooky synth prog rockers are responsible for countless horror film soundtracks in the late 70s and early 80s, including the original Dawn of the Dead. Their discography is enormous and has taken years for me to digest and appreciate. By far the perfect soundtrack to zombie up with.”


Death Major – 13 & God

“The lyrics begin ‘You can’t take the ‘eat’ outta death’ on this track from the album Own Your Ghost. See if you can keep up with Doseone’s fast-rap poetry. You’ll be richly rewarded by its style and existential depth. Not to mention its relevance to modern life, and how well it could apply to the zombie apocalypse.”


Big Brat – Phantom Planet

“I was driving from Atlanta to Knoxville for a small convention when I remembered driving the same route to my ex-girlfriend’s house in Chattanooga many times years before. Phantom Planet’s self-titled album always made the drive more bearable, so I put it on for old time’s sake. Only this time, I remembered that the music video for ‘Big Brat’ is a Night of the Living Dead-esque zombie massacre.”

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