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Jen and Sylvia Soska, the twisted sisters who delivered the 2009 indie horror, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, have just slammed something much more meatier on the slab.

American Mary, the twins’ latest film and winner of 5 Screamfest Awards, finally gets its well deserved big screen release in selected theatres across Canada after making its rounds in film festivals this past year.

Gemini Award winner Katharine Isabelle, best known for her role in the Ginger Snaps trilogy, gives a crazy/beautiful performance as the lead, Mary Mason, a med student who turns to performing backroom surgeries in desperation to make ends meet and achieve the American dream.

With its graphic violence, American Mary can’t flee being boxed in the torture porn sub genre, but this dark tale is much deeper than the typical blood bath.

The cinematography alone sets this film apart, and that goes without mentioning the heights to which Katharine Isabelle carries the film.

If you can stomach a little blood and guts, and see past a couple superficial flaws, then this film is definitely worth a look, and a listen.

“Music plays a big part in American Mary,” Sylvia Soska says, stitching together a playlist of tunes torn right from the movie scenes. “We feel really lucky to know these artists and be able to feature their music in our film.”


Puke Rawk – Fake Shark Real Zombie!

“You’ll hear the punk rock styling of one of our favorite bands and collaborators for film, Fake Shark – Real Zombie!, and new tracks created by their lead vocalist, Kevvy Mental, for intricate standout scenes in the film. Since the film has so many unique moments, we needed to get original tracks to really make them pop. ‘Puke Rawk’ is hardcore and amazing where it plays.”


Want Your Body – Kevvy

“‘Want Your Body’” plays in one of the more hardcore surgical sequences in the film. I think people are going to have a lot of fun listening to our soundtrack because of what it adds to the scenes in the film.”


Screecher – Jakalope

“Kevvy introduced us to a very cool gentleman that he has been working with, Jakalope’s founding member, Dave Ogilvie. Dave is just amazing with all the work he has done in the industry (Dave has worked with the likes of David Bowie, Queen, Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson). We were lucky enough to be able to include ‘Screecher’ on the soundtrack.”


Ashamed – Deer Tick

“One of the songs that Katie, our Mary, listened to during the film was ‘Ashamed’ by Deer Tick, another great band. The song really touches on the psyche of the main character in the film.”


Ave Maria – Bach

“You’ll also hear some beautiful renditions of ‘Ave Maria’ recorded specifically for the film on the soundtrack.”

American Mary will be presented in theatres across Canada on Thursday, May 30 as part of Cineplex’s Sinister Cinema event. Get your tickets & info here, and watch the official trailer.

Join the American Mary facebook community for more screening and release details, and follow the Soska twins on twitter and facebook.

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