Hayley Atwell expresses her love of fan conventions

HayleyAtwellHayley Atwell loves a good con.

When the London-born actor, famous for kicking bad guy ass as agent Peggy Carter in the Marvel Comics cinematic universe including the Captain America film series and the TV spin-off Agent Carter, isn’t in front of the camera she is out there immersed in the fan convention circuit.

“Traveling the world in these conventions and meeting the fans is thrilling for me,” Hayley says.

Taking photos, signing autographs and exchanging words with followers around the planet have left the star with so many priceless memories. When she thinks of all the good times, an unforgettable precious instant stands out.

“I was in the Middle East and this woman came up to me with tears in her eyes and said, ‘Can you write on my picture that women can be heroes too?’”

Hayley says it’s moments like these that give her daily grind more meaning.

“It’s not just me, an actor, getting up every day and doing my job. I find it truly humbling that you can play someone who will positively impact the people who are watching. To know that an audience is going to take that into their hearts gives my work so much more value.”

Hayley joins The X-Files’ Gillian Anderson, Kate Mulgrew of Orange is the New Black, Gotham’s Ben McKenzie and many more stars at Toronto’s Fan Expo running Thursday, September 1 through Sunday, September 4. Get the complete list of this year’s celebrity guests, tickets and the event schedule here.

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