“Call Me Maybe” video star Holden Nowell finally releases his own video

Holden Nowell released his album Fade II Black & his debut music video under the stage name SixXx’Tre.

Holden Nowell is famous for starring as the hot heartthrob next door in Carly Rae Jepsen’s video for her massive hit single “Call Me Maybe.”

As Carly’s tune topped the charts around the world, Holden’s fame skyrocketed and then reached new heights when he made the honoree list in People Magazine’s annual Sexiest Man Alive issue (2012).

Now, six years after Carly’s clip was released and over 1 billion views on YouTube later, Holden is back in the spotlight, this time with his own video for his track “Talked 2 God,” the lead single off his album Fade II Black.

That’s right, if you haven’t heard, the former model is a rapper and he goes by the name SixXx’Tre.

“Music has always been the plan for me,” Holden tells me over the phone from his apartment in Vancouver. “I’ve been writing songs for years.”

So it was only a matter of time and the timing had to be perfect.

“I felt like I had to grow as an artist first, feel that hunger,” he says. “And I think if I had forced my album or rushed it, it wouldn’t have been right. It wouldn’t be what it is today.”

And that is a 23-track offering that bleeds together like a story, Holden’s story.

Fade II Black is made up of raw, personal and very autobiographical songs. Take “Talked 2 God” for example. The lead single is a rant inspired by Holden’s brush with death. Try the tune and uncover that story.

There are also interludes throughout which are actual voicemail messages from people in the singer’s life.

Fade II Black is really an extension of my entire being,” Holden adds. “This album is my heart and soul. Just listen to the music. You’ll hear that.”

Get SixXx’Tre’s album Fade II Black on iTunes here. Watch his video for “Talked 2 God” below.


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