WTF is #BritneyBoys?

Willie is photographed by Kevin McDermott for their 2016 calendar Stark.

Willie is photographed by Kevin McDermott for their 2016 calendar Stark.

If you are among the millions of fans who follow Britney Spears on social media then you’ve bumped into the hashtag BritneyBoys.

You’ve also likely seen the superstar use it in multiple posts.

I followed the trail and found the tag attached to Britney’s troupe of male dancers starring in her Las Vegas residency show Piece of Me.

There is even an official Britney Boys Instagram account loaded with steamy pics of half-naked chiseled bodies sure to heat up your curiosity among other things.

So WTF is #BritneyBoys?

Among the men branded with the mysterious hashtag, I spotted Brit’s main dancer in her Piece of Me show, Willie Gomez, who stands out after starring in a number of the icon’s videos including the racy hit “If U Seek Amy.”

I called up Willie while he was on break from the hottest show on the Vegas strip to get some answers. #StraightFromTheSource.

Britney Boys all started with our agents and Britney’s management talking about the possibility of getting the male dancers from the Piece of Me show together for some performances, appearances and even becoming a brand,” Willie explains over the phone from Vegas.

“We discovered we have a fanbase and so many followers showing their support through social media. They see us at shows, in videos, in pictures, but we thought it would be really cool for fans to see what really happens behind the scenes and see who we are in real life, what our daily is and how close we all are. There is just so much more.”

Mid powwow between camps, Britney chimed in and voiced how much she loves the idea, and now Britney Boys has been officially green lit.

“It’s still in its early stages though,” Willie mentions. “But other people are involved now and we’re all exploring what can come out of this.”

Those “other people” who Willie is referring to are McDonald Selznick Associates. The MSA agency is the world leader in dance and choreography representation and they are linked to some of the biggest productions and stars on the planet including Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber.

With this powerhouse involved, it’s safe to say fans can expect something solid. For now, a few public appearances and photo shoots are all Willie can confirm.

“But it looks like its going the right way. So far so good,” he adds.

While Britney Boys further develops and takes shape, Willie is offering fans quite the intimate piece of him to tide them over.

The dance star teamed up with photographer Kevin McDermott and the pair pulled together Stark, a sizzling 2016 calendar featuring nude shots of Willie against a California desert backdrop.

The captured landscapes of Stark are getting this Britney Boy a lot of off-stage attention, and you can bet on seeing much more of Willie (as hard as that is to imagine after laying your eyes on the bare-all pages of this calendar).

“I plan to have a lot going on. All of this is a platform for other things to come,” Willie says. “Now anything can happen.”

Have a sneak peek at Willie’s Stark calendar and place a pre-order here. For more Willie, follow the star on twitter and facebook.

Details, dates and ticket info regarding Britney’s residency show are available here.

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