Gillian Anderson is back for The Fall

Once again Gillian suits up as Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson in The Fall series two.

Once again Gillian suits up as Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson in The Fall.

Gillian Anderson and Fifty Shades of Grey superstud Jamie Dornan are set to make their return to TV in the third season of the BBC’s hit crime drama, The Fall.

Gillian resumes her role as Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson as the upcoming chapter picks up from season two’s cliffhanger with Jamie’s character, the elusive serial killer Paul Spector, bleeding out in Stella’s arms.

Season three is in its post-production stage and is rumored to be the final installment in the series, but Gillian is expressing her interest in continuing on with a fourth season.

She obviously has a thing for sexy men, blue coats, firearms and holsters.

We all know the star rose to fame after she suited up as FBI special agent Dana Scully when The X-Files first premiered in 1993. Enter another hunky costar David Duchovny.

Gillian stuck with the epic series for 10 lengthy seasons, then picked up her badge again for two X-Files blockbuster movies and then once more for the 6-episode revival event.

Some may call Gillian’s gumshoe gigs an open/closed case of type casting, but to her, Stella Gibson and Dana Scully are two distinct women.

“I find them very different,” Gillian says. “Stella is a bit of an island, which I like about her. She’s hard to know and I feel like Scully was quite easy to know. Scully was innocent, naive, in many ways square. Stella is definitely not square. I don’t find them similar at all, other than they’re both independent, strong minded, professional women who are very good at what they do.”

While Gillian undeniably has it hot for playing cops and robbers, she is also attracted to strong, unshakable female characters.

“I do play alpha women quite a lot,” Gillian admits.

And she figures there is one simple reason for that.

“I am an alpha woman.”

Gillian has no issue accepting the natural born badass inside that comes out in the roles she plays.

“I’m definitely a punk at heart and I feel like I have to keep that aspect of myself in check on a daily basis,” she says. “I don’t think the rebel ever leaves. That’s probably why people come to me for that type of character, and I’m down with that.”

Gillian is back for The Fall, set to premiere on Thursday, September 29 on BBC Two.

Follow Gillian on twitter (she likes posting behind-the-scenes photos).

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