The Big Bang Theory changed Johnny Galecki’s life

Forget about completing 11 award-winning seasons of The Big Bang Theory with a 12th on the way, Johnny Galecki is shocked to have landed the role of Leonard Hofstadter in the first place. The actor just didn’t think he was qualified.

“I can barely spell physics,” Johnny laughs.

Alright, so physics isn’t Johnny’s natural-born talent, but acting is something the 43-year-old has been tinkering with for a while now.

“I did a lot of theatre growing up and then television and film,” he says.

Johnny dabbled in various genres since his acting debut in 1987, but among his numerous projects, it was The Big Bang Theory that changed his life.

When the hit sitcom took off in September of ’07 it single-handedly revived Johnny’s fading acting career and launched him to new heights.

Let’s be realistic. None of Johnny’s roles have been out of this world since he starred as David Healey in the late 80s sitcom Roseanne.

Now Johnny has the creators of Big Bang to thank for his very first Emmy, Golden Globe and Teen Choice nominations.

“They’re all so very talented,” Johnny says, crediting the Big Bang crew for his success.

Johnny explains that his involvement in the most watched TV series in Canada has been rewarding in more ways than one, even his IQ has benefited from joining the geek squad.

“No one’s been foolish enough to assume that I’m as smart as Leonard and ask me any science questions,” Johnny says. “[But] I’ve learned more doing the show than I ever did in my traditional or nontraditional education.”

While Johnny’s smarts are on the rise, so is his sex appeal. With every episode, Johnny is scoring points with fans everywhere, especially of the female kind. Just look at his former squeeze and Big Bang co-star Kaley Cuoco or ex lady friend and Pan Am beauty Kelli Garner, Johnny has become a real lady killer.

“There’s something about these characters on Big Bang,” Johnny grins. “There’s vulnerability there. People just want to be sweet to us.”

Johnny will never be the same again.

The Big Bang Theory’s 12th season is set to premiere Monday, September 24 on CBS..

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