Sean Gunn joins Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong in new comedy

SeanGunnGuardians of the Galaxy star Sean Gunn joins Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong in the upcoming comedy Ordinary World.

“It’s a cool comedy about Perry, a musician, husband and father, played by Billie Joe who is going through a midlife crisis,” Sean tells me. “He wakes up on his 40th birthday, which people forget about, and he realizes his life isn’t what he wants it to be and that his music career is behind him.”

Ordinary World’s plot line is a far cry from the real life of 44 year-old Billie Joe who just released his 12th studio album with Green Day, kicked off an international tour and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year.

“It’s funny, Billie is a big rockstar, but he doesn’t act like one at all,” Sean comments.

“You see fans go crazy over him, but he’s totally a regular guy, a family man and as normal as anyone I’ve ever worked with. Hanging out on set, discovering that and getting to know each other was great. Billie is a lovely dude.”

Ordinary World also stars comedic firecrackers Selma Blair and Judy Greer, and Sean says he couldn’t be sharing the bill with a better crew if he cast them himself.

“Selma is just great and Judy is my best friend. We’ve been very close friends for 20 years. I mean I even performed at her wedding ceremony. These two women are awesome actors. Another friend, Valentine Miele, is part of the cast and then there’s Billie. What more could you ask for?”

It sounds like Ordinary World can do no wrong, and to top it off, Sean mentions that the film will feature brand new music written and performed by Billie Joe.

Ordinary World is going to be great,” Sean adds. “I’m excited for people to see this movie. It’s on its way.”

Ordinary World is set to be released on Friday, October 14.

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